During this coronavirus outbreak, we are constantly hearing these words, such as sanitization, disifectant. But what exactly do they cover? Here, we have simplified it for you! The roles of Disinfectant and Sanitization, go far beyond! Hence, knowing the difference between these profound sanitising terms is important.

General Sanitization

Sanitization is an action in which our trained technician rigorously sanitizes your space with EPA Grade chemicals. They use the latest ULV Fogging Technology that gives whole 360-degree coverage and ensures a safe, hassle-free, and effective sanitization. Our Products are Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Alcoholic, and are very safe for humans. Our team religiously follows the given guidelines by CDC, WHO, and FDA, to minimize the number of harmful viruses on the surfaces.

Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Developed with the latest nanotechnology, our expert technicians will meticulously sanitize your space with efficient coating chemicals that acts as an antimicrobial surface disinfectant against harmful Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi for 30 to 365 days! With approved anti-microbial properties, it is very safe for the individual and their environment. It ruptures and electrocutes microbes on contact. This is a special layer of protection with nano-needle structure formations and anti-microbial properties which effectively fights viruses. Thus, the coating sanitization process can be highly utilized for Car Sanitization and various other high touch areas at home and offices – ensuring full proof protection!

UVC Sanitization

Ultra-Violet Technology is a high radiating disinfectant that is reliable, environmental-friendly, and comes with a 99.9% kill rate on harmful viruses & bacteria. The wavelength of UV-C light is strong enough to penetrate the nucleic acid of viruses and bacteria, either killing them or preventing them from becoming infectious. UVC light disinfection is a physical method for killing bacteria. Therefore, the bacteria in question cannot build immunity to it. That’s a huge plus, particularly for hospitals and assisted living facilities. UVC Light disinfection is nontoxic, affordable, safe, and is an extremely effective form of disinfection!