During this coronavirus outbreak, we are constantly hearing these words, such as sanitization, disifectant. But what exactly do they cover? Here, we have simplified it for you! The roles of Disinfectant and Sanitization, go far beyond! Hence, knowing the difference between these profound sanitising terms is important.

General Sanitization

While cleaning is the mere process of discarding the dust and making the room look clean. Sanitization is an action in which our experts will rigorously sanitize your space by following the given guidelines by CDC, WHO, and FDA, to lower the number of harmful viruses on the surfaces.

100 Days Protection against Viruses

We offer premium sanitization coating that works as a special layer of protection, and it comprises of a nano-needle structure formation and antimicrobial properties. These chemicals constructively protect you from all the types of microbes including viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds for 100 days! 

365 Days Protection against Viruses

Sanitize once, and live tension-free for a whole year! Developed with the latest nanotechnology, our expert technicians meticulously sanitizes your space with an efficient coating chemical that acts as an antimicrobial surface disinfectant against Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, and other organic materials for 365 days!

UV Light Sanitization

Ultra-Violet Technology is a high radiating disinfectant that is reliable and environmental-friendly. As it is a physical technique of sanitization, there is no need to add any additional chemicals. UV Light sanitization is far more effective than other methods & kills a wide array of harmful organisms.